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Aero Star Aviation Announces Significant Investment in Embraer Phenom Specific Tooling

Dallas, TX, March 16, 2017- Aero Star Aviation, a Dallas-based MRO focusing on the maintenance and repair of Embraer aircraft, is pleased to announce a recent investment in Embraer Phenom Specific Tooling. The significant investment of over $125,000.00 further enhances Aero Star’s range of service on Phenom aircraft. The tooling will bring more services and capabilities in-house and equates to increased convenience and lower costs for operators, by avoiding overall outsourcing needs.


The tooling acquisition includes a wide scope of equipment to better service Phenom operators, such as: Embraer Phenom 100 Flap Interface, Phenom 300 Flight Control Electronics Interface, Phenom 300 Brake Control Unit Fault Log, Phenom 300 Stick Pusher Actuator Harness, CVDR Portable Interface Unit, Pratt & Whitney 617F-E & 535F-E DPHM, and Phenom 100/300 Windshield Rain Repellant Dispenser. The specialty tools will allow Aero Star to perform accurate troubleshooting that reduces costly misdiagnosis.


“We are proud of this investment we have made with the Phenom specific tooling. It will aid in the development of long term relationships with Phenom owners and operators,” said Christopher Grinnell, President, Aero Star Aviation. “These tools will provide customers with an added level of confidence in our troubleshooting and repair services,” Grinnell continued.


Aero Star Aviation is an aircraft maintenance company that specializes in Embraer Phenom 100 & 300, with added capabilities on Cessna Citation 500 & 600 series aircraft. Founded in 2013, with two locations in Dallas TX, and an MRT located in south Florida, Aero Star Aviation offers aircraft maintenance including: Scheduled maintenance, pre-purchase inspection, engine change, line maintenance and AOG support.

In addition, Aero Star Aviation provides world class MRT service from their facility in south Florida. Aero Star Aviation offers in-house aircraft consulting and management, providing customers with accurate and detailed information on the acquisition process, while providing daily aircraft management of operations and regulatory requirements.


For more information visit or call (469) 917-9077.

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